Patricia Konarski: African American Public Health Advocate

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I’m Patricia Konarski, an African American public health advocate living in Tucson, AZ with my husband, Jim Konarski, of 17 years!  I’m an original transplant from Atlanta, Georgia, having been convinced to relocate to Arizona when visiting my brother-in-law, Greg Konarski, and his wife, Jillian Konarski, and children, Thomas Konarski, Jason Konarski, John Konarski, Ann Konarski and Nicole Konarski, a great many years ago.  Arizona has its many attractions that can lure just about anyone.

I’ve been in the public health care industry for many years: First, I started in the health insurance part of the health care industry, and then I applied what I learned from the administrative business side of public health care to the actual treatment side of public health care by studying at the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health.  (I may be biased, of course, but I have to say the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health is one of the best public health colleges in the country!) You can say that public health is a passion of mine, particularly health among minority groups (minority health disparities) as I am an accomplished African American who seeks to improve the lives of minorities.  I enjoy helping people with their health problems and health maintenance in the realm of public health.  I also enjoy trying to stay healthy myself, also vying to live a life of healthy habits.

Arizona is a great fit for me in this regard: The almost-everyday sunny weather allows me to work out outdoors and the dry climate helps alleviate my asthma symptoms—all to the betterment of my health.

When not spending time with my family, working, gardening or doing something else for fun and entertainment, I love reading, particularly about health issues, and expressing myself online about all sorts of things, including health issues.

Look for my health posts and the sort,

Patricia Konarski, MPH

African American Public Health Advocate

Clark Atlanta University (CAU)

University of Arizona (UA), Master of Public Health Graduate

Helping Raise the Bar of Public Health of African Americans

Remember: Health is Your Wealth!